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Il rustico del canneto Il rustico del canneto

The area


The residences "Il Rustico del Canneto" is set in the countryside just  15 minutes from the city, thus offering the possibility to enjoy all the attractions of Parma and of the surrounding area.

Here you will find fascinating attractions for young and less young, for lovers of culture and gastronomy, for sports and nature lovers.


Parma: the center of town is full of works of art, beautiful green areas, treasures from the past and it welcomes in a sweet and elegant way tourists from all over the world.

Not to be missed:

Piazza Duomo: The Cathedral with the dome frescoed by Correggio, the Battistero decorated with Antelami’s distinguishable touch, together with the Palazzo Vescovile, all work to create a rare scorch of medieval exceptional charm. Next to this San Giovanni Evangelista Cathedral is the setting of some of the most extraordinary paintings of the period.

At a short walking distance, the imposing Palazzo della Pilotta, built by the Farnese family (the rulers of Parma at the time), houses the Palatina Library, the National Archaeological Museum, the Farnese Theatre, one of the most beautiful theatres in the world completely made of wood and the National Gallery, one of the most important Italian art galleries.

But Parma does not end here: you could take a leisurely stroll through the Parco Ducale, a magnificent example of french gardens with numerous sculptures by Jean Baptiste Boudard and see the Palazzo Ducale, but also in the center of town, walk past the Town Hall and the Governor’s Palace, both overlooking the central Piazza Garibaldi.

Nearby, the neoclassical Teatro Regio was built in 1821-29 by will of Maria Luigia and soon became famous as a perfect backdrop for the vibrant theatrical activity of the time.

Every year, in October in the theater the “Festival Verdi” takes place.


But Parma is not only the city, its monuments, its musical tradition and culture.

Parma is its province, its territory, the endless resources around the city center: a varied landscape that stretches between the river Po and the Apennines.

The fortresses, royal palaces and castles of the province of Parma are considered among the most beautiful and best preserved in Italy.

The Felino Castle, built in the 9th century and later expanded, surrounded by a moat, four corner towers and a beautiful courtyard of honor, gives strong emotions every time you visit it; Montechiarugolo Castle, a majestic crenellated structure of the 12th century in the valley of the river Enza, maintains all the charm of a witness of many battles; Torrechiara Castle, built in the 15th century by Pier Maria Rossi, is one of the largest and best preserved in Italy and contains extraordinary masterpieces like the "Golden Camera" (with frescoes attributed to Benedetto Bembo).

Not far away the Castelli Matildici that tell the story of the great Countess Matilda of Canossa, the most important woman of the Middle Ages, the one who, siding with the Reformed Church by Pope Gregory VII, stood up with weapons Emperor Henry IV.

The fertile plain that follows the course of the river Po is a place of magical atmosphere: it houses the Palace of Colorno, (now the seat of the International School of Italian Cuisine - ALMA), sumptuous and beautiful courtyards with frescoed halls and amazes visitors with the water games of the beautiful french garden.

In the area of ​​Busseto, the testimony of Giuseppe Verdi are nowadays still relevant and in Roncole Verdi you can visit the birthplace of the Master.

Giuseppe Verdi was one of the greatest Italian composers of the nineteenth century, author of melodramas that remained important repertoire of major theaters worldwide.

Today he is remembered in Parma through the Verdi Festival every October and in many events they see his music protagonist, including the opera season at the Teatro Regio.

A short walk from Il rustic del Canneto, art lovers can also explore the Magnani Rocca in Mamiano, Traversetolo: home of the Fondazione Magnani Rocca the place houses the prestigious collection of Luigi Magnani which includes, among others, works by Gentile da Fabriano, Filippo Lippi, Carpaccio, Titian, Rubens, Van Dyck, Goya and among the contemporaries, Monet, Renoir, Cézanne, until De Chirico, Morandi, Burri as well as sculptures by Canova and Bartolini.


The residences are a great starting point for the many surrounding attractions.
For Italian food lovers:
In a land where gastronomy is renowned throughout the world and where, thanks to this historical tradition, is hosted the European Food Authority for Food Safety EFSA, the best products are still made according to traditional methods and the slow pace of nature.Only some of the products that make our area a worldwide excellence are:
But let's not forget the Fragno truffle, mushrooms of the Taro Valley and the wines of the hills of Parma.
You’ll be tempted by the taste and curiosity to discover the uniqueness of our products including a visit to a cheese factory and tasting of balsamic vinegar, a pass into the sausage factory and a great glass of wine from the best farms and wineries.
For people who enjoy the pleasures of the table and that can appreciate the taste but also the origin of the food, its history and production traditions, the area offers the opportunity to be immersed in a sensory journey and discover the italian "art of making food".
Numerous food museums (Museum of Prosciutto di Parma, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, pasta, tomato, salame and wine) along with the "Routes of taste" are a special combination to find out how and where these excellences are produced.
Here the local products of excellence are valued, narrated and tasted ...! And you can buy them at low price!
On request we organize events, culinary tours and customized tastings!
Every year during the month of September is celebrated the king of sausages with the "Festival of Prosciutto di Parma", a week full of events, culture, tastings and tradition.
For passionate of exhibitions and special events for industry and professionals in the field:
Every year Fiere di Parma offers a full calendar of international relevance events and special exhibitions such as Cibus (2016) that over the years supported and promoted Italian food industry and culture all over the world; Cibus TEC, special showcase in mechanics field; Mercanteinfiera, Gotha, Emporium and Bagarre, unique exhibitions that conferred a professional dimension to antiques, modern and vintage art.

For naturalists and sportsmen:
A few kilometers away you can discover the many regional parks of the Apennines (Parco dei Cento Laghi), unique geological formations (barboj and calanchi), golf courses and horse riding in the hills.
For cyclists and others, do not miss the cycle tour "The voladora", a scenic hiking and mountain-biking, walking on foot and on horseback connection across the foothills.
For children:
A short walk from our hotel ranch, stables and farms where children can get close and learn about their favorite animals and the beautiful and famous pool "The Molinazzo", fun and relaxation for everyone. 
A short distance Cerwood the Adventure Park, a forest of emotions to spend days of fun hanging from tree to tree, at any age!